Can’t Get Enough TV!

I’ve recently been catching up one a few TV shows, thanks to Netflix, that I didn’t catch during the time they were actually on TV. Because I’ve been spending so much time working on Rosebud Print Co., I can have the shows on and watch/listen while I work. So far, I’ve made a pretty good dent in my list of “to watch” shows.

Here’s what I’ve recently finished:

Dexter – 8 seasons/96 episodes
It took me a good 6 episodes before I was able to be fully interested in this show, but I’m really glad I stuck it out because I ended up really loving it.  I really loved the characters and I think the fact that you sympathize and cheer Dexter on is all on account of really good writing.

Lost – 6 seasons/121 episodes
I never gave Lost a chance when it first aired because I didn’t know anyone that was really that into it.  After I started watching it, a few of my friends and coworkers raved about how it was the best show ever.  I blew through the 6 seasons in 3 weeks while working on my shop and was really sad to see the series come to an end even though I felt the story line was getting far too confusing!

Have a recommendation for me?  Please leave your suggestion in the comments!