Gym Must Haves!

gymI’m recently back on my gym grind and have found that there are some must haves for every visit! Here’s what a bring with me to the gym:

Water Bottle – I’m a big fan of my new Stanley Cup but before that my absolute favorite is the Owala water bottles.

AirPods – I can’t workout in silence. I’ve got to be listening to music, YouTube videos, TikToks, etc.

phone remote – Using this little “clicker” lets you scroll thru TikTok OR turn pages on your kindle. I’ve recently discovered this and it’s a game changer for cardio workouts!

small towel – I have found the perfect size gym towel on Amazon. I use these at home also for my Peloton.

“smart” jump rope – The free SkipJoy app can measure the number of jumps, calories burned, time elapsed and your overall fitness progress. Jump with or without the cord. I love jumping with just the weights because I don’t get tripped up!

Am I missing anything I should be taking with me to the gym?

January 2023 Favorites


“Add to Cart”
Stanley Cup
Who doesn’t need a 40 oz water jug with a handle, that conveniently fits in your cup holder, that keeps your beverages cold all day?

Pop Socket Stretch
Because I wirelessly charge my iPhone, I’m not able to use a conventional Pop Socket. I love this Pop Socket Stretch that I can pop on and off my phone as needed.

Puzzle of the Day
I picked up a Puzzle of the Day for myself and I’m hooked. I’ve purchased a few as gifts!

It Starts with Us – Colleen Hoover
The 2nd book in the series, after It Ends with Us, did not disappoint. I love how the story was wrapped up. If you haven’t read It Ends with Us, start with that!

Harry’s House – Harry Styles
This was my most played album of 2022 and it continues to be on heavy rotation
Current Favorite Track: Little Freak

Midnights – Taylor Swift
It’s no surprise that this album has quickly grown to be a favorite!
Current Favorite Track: Anti-Hero

Ok ok, I was really late to this train but this Disney film is adorable, has great music, and a sweet story line.